Resources Relating to Thailand

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This very practical resource was developed to provide guidance for parents and teachers to support  children with special education needs who are at home while schools are closed due to Covid19. ...
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A student buys vegetables
Siriporn Tantaopas (Noie) speaks about the educational services for students with multiple disabilities and visual impairments (MDVI) and deafblindness at the Northern School for the Blind in Chiang...
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Working on mushroom farm
We held a vocational training workshop in northern Thailand for thirteen older VIMD (Visually Impaired Multiply Disabled) students who will finish school in the next 1-3 years and return to their...
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Young man gives his money to his mother.
Beam is a young man in northern Thailand who is blind with additional disabilities.  This article from Perkins International tells the success story of how he has been able to overcome many...
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Students prepare vegetables
This curriculum was developed by teachers and staff at the Northern School for the Blind, Thailand, for students who have multiple disabilities and visual impairment.  In Thai....
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Images from Transition Planning Asia site
We invite you to download this flyer to share with your colleagues or families you are working with.  Please feel free to distribute them at trainings, workshops, and conferences and help us to let...
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Colored drawing of boy wearing backpack walking by a school
This website offers a range of information in the Thai language, including links to teaching resources, other websites, news and events, and information about Perkins School for the Blind and Perkins...
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Logo of Thai Bureau of Special Education Administration
This is the official website of the Thai Bureau of Special Education Administration.
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