Template for Planning Functional Activities

When planning functional activities, it is important to think about the different skills that will be taught through a single activity.  Teaching skills in the natural context is the best way for individuals who are blind or visually impaired with additional disabilities to learn to do something.   It is easier, for example, to learn to button, zip or fasten clothing items when getting dressed rather than on a dressing frame in the classroom.

This template can be used to plan what skills will be taught during an activity.  A different template can be used for each students or for students at various levels. 

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Here is a partial list of what can be taught at the market:

Language and Communication

  • greeting shopkeeper or salesperson
  • making choices and expressing preferences
  • asking for what one wants
  • naming items

Concept Development

  • hot/cold, rough/smooth, big/little
  • more/less
  • sorting and classifying items (e.g. vegetables, meats, dairy products, cleaning supplies)
  • positional concepts (in front of/behind, above/below, left/right)

Orientation and Mobility

  • locating landmarks on the way to the store or market
  • using public transportation to shop or market
  • traveling safely using sighted guide or a cane
  • asking for directions

Literacy and Writing

  • reading a recipe to determine necessary ingredients
  • preparing a shopping list
  • writing about the experience afterward

Independent Living Skills

  • placing items in bag
  • carrying bag
  • planning nutritious meal
  • recognizing ripe/unripe fruits and vegetables

Number Concepts and Money

  • counting number of items (e.g. 5 bananas or 2 onions)
  • estimating costs
  • giving salesperson money
  • waiting for change

Social Skills

  • using manners with salesperson ("please"/"thank you")
  • greeting shopkeeper


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