Shanghai School for the Blind (China)

Transition Program for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Training in vocational skills helps students with multiple disabilities to make the transition from school to the community, and to achieve a feeling of greater self-worth in society. Different functional training programs and careers are considered for everyone, according to each student’s developmental level, practical abilities, individual needs, interests, and the family's desires.  Possibilities for collaboration between families and communities are also taken into account.  In addition to meeting the needs of students at different levels, the project also pays attention to helping them to develop a positive attitude and a discipline of work, self-protection and self-care skills, while focusing on professional ethics and cooperation with others. All of these factors help to promote a smooth transition from school life to life in the community.

The goal of the program is to help students with multiple disabilities to make a successful transition from school to community life and to integrate in adult life or work as much as possible. This requires cooperation of individuals, the school and institutions or other organizations to support the student’s future life and work.

The transition program often helps parents to gain increased confidence in the future life of their children. Parents’ participation and cooperation promotes the effective progress of education and training, and encourages the desire of their children to learn. The results are clear, as parents and teachers see the youth’s smile and hear his or her self-confident plans for their future. The students who have completed their studies are better prepared to participate more fully in community life, through activities such as helping the family to sell newspapers, managing the chess room in their own homes, or doing foot massage for residents. Some students can do housework at home. Some of them can take care of themselves.

There are nine training projects for students to choose in our school, including:

  • massage
  • managing a small shop
  • cleaning dining hall and dormitory
  • selling newspapers
  • serving food to preschool children
  • binding Braille books
  • gardening
  • recycling
  • making handicrafts to sell to teachers and students


Photo of student locating pressure points on model of footPhoto of girl massaging a footPhoto of a shoulder massage



Photo of young man managing a small shop


A student wipes the tables in the dining hall




Photo of students doing laundry by handA students sells newspapers door to door



Two girls bring food to preschool children

A student and teacher bind braille books


Photo of students trimming a bush in the garden

Two young men gather up cardboard and newspaper to recycle


Two boys make handicraftsStudents sell handicrafts