Vocational Training Workshop and Practice in Communities

Working on mushroom farm

We held a vocational training workshop in northern Thailand for thirteen older VIMD (Visually Impaired Multiply Disabled) students who will finish school in the next 1-3 years and return to their families.





Vocational Training Workshop

The objective of the workshop was to prepare them for the transition process into adult life after finishing school. The training took place in a village belonging to the King’s Project in the countryside. The workshop gave them eight vocational activities training, making brooms, making curry paste for sale, setting up cricket farms, fish farms, frog farms, growing mushrooms, growing and producing tea and coffee.

making broomsmaking curry paste




cricket farm

cricket farm2



Fish Farm

a group stands by the pool at a fish farm


frog farm

A boy holds a frog






storing mushrooms




producing tea












































coffee beans

a girl holds a bowl of coffee beans



at the royal village

walking to the village

























Vocational activities by students and their families at home and in their communities

At the end of the workshop, the students and families selected one or two activities which they liked from the training or from their families’ vocational experiences to practice at home in their communities. The teacher’s award project supported them with 100 USD to begin activities for 4 months. Teachers from the school followed up and did evaluations. Eight students and their families demonstrated best practice and they received 200 USD to support their activities which are still continuing.

Feeding the pig

Suwapit and his fish farm



at the pig farm

feeding the pig




fish pool

at the fish farm

























frog poolfrog farm











fish tank

Fish farm









fish farm

mushroom farm















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