Quality Indicators for Preschool Programs (Chinese)

A young boy stands in his classroom

学前视力障碍儿童项目质量指标 is the Chinese translation of Quality Indicators for Preschool Programs Serving Children with Visual Impairment and Blindness.  It includes the following areas:

  1. 教师职工与孩子及孩子与孩子之间的互动
  2. 课程
  3. 日程与人员安排
  4. 评估
  5. 客观环境
  6. 家庭参与
  7. 教师员工的质量与发展
  8. 教师与行政领导共同工作
  9. 进入学前教育与学前教育结束时的过渡
  10. 项目评价

Also included are the "Four Big Ideas":  四大要点



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