Menciptakan Kesempatan-Kesempatan Belajar (Creating Learning Opportunities)

Cover of Creating Learning Opportunities in Bahasa

Menciptakan Kesempatan-Kesempatan Belajar: Petunjuk Langkah demi Langkah untuk Mengajar Anak dengan Hambatan Penglihatan dengan Disabilitas Tambahan, termasuk Netra-Rungu

Creating Learning Opportunities, A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Students with Vision Impairment and Additional Disabilities, Including Deafblindness has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia.  This practical resource guide was written by experts in India.

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Section 1:  Memahami Keberagaman Perkembangan Anak (Understanding Diversity in Children's Development)
Section 2:  Perkembangan Sensorimotorik (Sensorimotor Development)
Section 3: Assesment (Assessment)
  • Alat-alat Indera Kita dan Pembelajaran (Our Senses and Learning)
  • Pendahuluan bagi Assesmen (Introduction to Assessment)
  • Assesmen Fungsional Penglihatan (Functional Vision Assessment)
  • Assessmen Fungsional Pendengaran (Functional Hearing Assessment)
Section 4: Komunikasi (Communication)
Section 5:  Pengembangan Kurikulum  (Curriculum Development)
Section 6:  Strategi Internvensi (Strategies for Intervention)
Section 7:  Program Orang Dewasa  (Programming for Adulthood)
Section 8:  Kemitraan dengan Keluarga dan Masyarakat (Partnership with Families and Community)

Published by Voice and Vision India, National Resource and Training Centre for Children with Vision Impairment and Additional Disabilities, Including Deafblindness (Supported by Hilton/Perkins Program of Perkins School for the Blind, USA)



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