Recommended Resources

This page offers recommended resources for early intervention specialists working in Asia with young children who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities or deafblindness.  Unless otherwise mentioned, this section connects you to resources available online. It is not an exhaustive list, but rather is intended to help you get started. 

Early Intervention Across Disabilities & Skill Areas

disabled village children book cover
Disabled Village Children: A guide for community health workers, rehabilitation workers, and families. David Werner. Hesperian Health Guides, Berkeley, CA
national institute for the mentally handicapped india logo
NIMH (National Institute of the Mentally Handicapped) has publications relevant to early intervention providing both activities as well as information. Many can be downloaded or ordered by visiting their website
zero to three
Zero to Three:  an online resource with information & activities


Cerebral Palsy

promoting the development of young children with cerebral palsy cover
nothing about us without us cover

Vision Impairment, Deafblindness and Multiple Sensory Impairment

helping children who are blind book cover
Helping Children who are Blind. Family and community support for children with vision problems. Sandy Niemann & Namita Jacob. Hesperian Health Guides, Berkeley, CA.
perkins elearning logo
Perkins, is one of the best resources for information, ideas and self-education in the field of vision impairment and additional disabilities. You can find a range of resources at: You could also use Perkins Scout to locate articles on topics for instance:
california deaf-blind services logo
The California Deafblind Services offer information in simply written well organized fact sheets and articles. Some have been downloaded for you in the Resources section but you can find more at :  or
oregon deafblind project logo
The Oregon Deafblind program is another source that links you to numerous other resources as well

Deafness, Language and Communication Impairment

helping children who are deaf
Helping Children who are Deaf. Family and Community support for children with hearing problems. Sandy Niemann, Devorah Greenstein, and Darlena David. Hesperian Health Guides, Berkeley, CA


autism information and resource center logo
Autism Information and Resource Centre: