Multiple Sensory Impairments Resources

This page is a collection of resources for early intervention specialists working with children with multiple sensory impairments, such as a combined vision and hearing loss or deafblindness, including those with multiple disabilities.

Communication in Children with Multiple Disabilities

Early Intervention for You and Your Child Who is Deafblind

First Steps with the Deafblind Infant

Infant Massage

Interacting with Individuals Who Are Deafblind

Learning Through Play

Self-Determination Is For Babies Too

Strategies for Facilitating Hand Use & Tactile Awareness

Tactile Name Cues

Vision Impairment in Children with Cerebral Palsy



California Deaf-Blind Resources
Downloadable resources on deafblindness in "Newsletter" and "Fact Sheets"

Focus on literacy for all including children with complex disabilities
Videos and talks on topics relevant to deafblindnes, visual impairment, and other disabilities
Parent-run site for families with lots of ideas for young children