What is a map? 

Maps are an important tool in the Personal Futures Planning process. They are a visual way of representing information about an individual, such as background and personal history, how they communicate, who is important to them, places that are important, and what they would like the future to be.

How are maps created?

Typically a team gets together to create the maps.  The family and individual should always be at the center of this discussion, and other people who are important in the young person's life should also be included.  This may be teachers or rehabilitation workers, but may also include a neighbor or shop keeper or anyone who knows the individual well and is interested in her future.

What are the different types of maps?

Future or Dream Map: The Dream Map provides an opportunity to bring out what parents hold in their heart and mind for their child's future.

Dream map


Background Map: It gives first basic information about person's background, including positive and negative experiences, critical events, and current dynamics.


Relationships map


Relationship Map:The focus is on who the important people are in the life of the target individual, and with whom he or she interacts, including family, friends, and people from the community.



Communication Map: It focuses on the communication modes the focus person uses in his or her day to day life.

Work Experience Map

Where can I get more information?

For sample maps, see also: Sample Transition Plans.

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