Functional Activities

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Calendar box with objects and Chinese characters
多重残疾功能性活动    曲桂平   日程表(日历)  每个学生必须有一个 概念   通过日程表可以学习各种各样的概念, 语言 轮流交谈 组织 时间 排序 归纳 中文(读、写) 词汇 学生开始在日程表上开发词汇 活动的名称,参与的人和商量活动地点等 与概念有关的词汇(时间、排序...
Posted by Qu Guiping
A group of students packages snacks in the Philippines.
Packaging snacks is an excellent group activity where students can practice many different types of skills at their own level.  Skills that can be taught through this type of activity include:...
Posted by Charlotte@Perkins
A girl stirs the batter to make cookies.
In this activity from the Philippines, students participate in each step of the sequence, from washing hands to getting out the materials, through each step of the actual cooking activity, to...
Posted by Charlotte@Perkins
A group of students who are blind visit a post office in India
This activity from NIVH (National Institute for the Visually Handicapped) in Dehra Dun, India illustrates how functional activities can provide a framework of understanding that can motivate students...
Posted by Charlotte@Perkins
A girl places her purchases in her shopping bag.
This activity from Rawinala, Indonesia shows how functional activities can be started at a very early age. In this sequence a young girl goes to the store to buy her snack. Using real objects in the...
Posted by Charlotte@Perkins