Photocopy Center

Many skills can be taught in a photocopy center, as in this example from the Nhat Hang Copy Center in Vietnam.  There is a range of opportunities for people with different abilities.  Some of the skills that can be taught include:

Waiting on customers

  • greeting them Customers make requests to the cashier
  • asking what they need
  • writing down an order
  • taking money
  • providing change
  • answering telephone


Making photocopies

  • sequencing
  • organizational skills
  • counting
  • positional concepts (left, right, back, front)
  • using two hands together
  • cause and effect (pushing button on copier)
  • finger isolation (pushing button)
  • quality control

Two people work side by side in photocopy shop

Collating or binding photocopies

  • sequencing
  • handskills
  • counting

Delivering products to customers


Cleaning and straightening the shop

Photocopy shop












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