Packaging Snacks

Packaging snacks is an excellent group activity where students can practice many different types of skills at their own level.  Skills that can be taught through this type of activity include: counting and number concepts; sequencing;  concepts of in/out, open/closed, more/less;  positional concepts of left to right, top to bottom; money skills; communication, and social skills. This activity from Manila is a great example of how these functional skills can be taught. 

A class in the Philippines packages snacks.


A boy places snacks into individual plastic bags.



A boy uses a heat sealer to close the snacks he has packaged.


A boy carries a plastic bag of packages snacks.


A boy holds up a package of snacks.


A teacher hands a boy money to purchase a bag of snacks.


The teacher assists the boy to place the money in his shirt pocket.


View of Resources for the Blind, Manila