Making Cookies

In this activity from the Philippines, students participate in each step of the sequence, from washing hands to getting out the materials, through each step of the actual cooking activity, to cleaning up, and enjoying the snack that they prepared.  A predictable routine that follows a given sequence helps the students to become increasingly independent.

A student washes hands with the teacher.
















Colorful baskets full of materials are lined up on the floor.















A student examines the materials in his basket.














A boy picks up his basket of materials.

















A boy carries his basket of materials to the table.















Students gather at the table with their individual baskets of materials.










A boy practices handskills while preparing the dough.
















A boy cracks an egg into the batter.

















A boy adds an egg to the batter.
















Two boys work together to prepare the dough.
















A girl stirs the dough.











A boy uses a can opener with the help of the teacher.

















A boy spoons the condensed milk into the batter with the help of his teacher.

















A boy mixes the dough with his fingers.

















A girl places cookie dough on the cookie sheet to bake it.





















A boy and his teacher bake the cookies in a small oven.














A girl washes a dish as part of the clean-up process.


















The teacher helps a boy to fold his apron after the activity has been completed.

















A girl carries baskets after clearing the table at the end of the cooking activity.















A girl wipes the table at the end of activity.


















A boy eats one of the cookies he helped to make.














A plate of cookies