Going to the Temple

Every religion teaches people to be good.  Buddhism is the national religion of Thailand. 85 percent of Thai people are Buddhists. All Thai students learn and practice about Buddhist activities. Temple is the natural context for MDVI students to learn more about Buddhism and integrate this functional activity to many skills. MDVI students at Northern School for the Blind (NSB) go to Prasingh temple which is 800 meters far from the school,  twice a month to join Buddhism ceremony and festival with the people in community.

Many skills can be taught through this activity, as shown in the photos and diagram below.

Students travel to the temple using canes and sighted guide










Praying in front of Buddha image









Students meditate in front of a statue of the Buddha









Praying in front of pagoda









Preparing flowers, candles and sticks for Buddhism ceremony









Steps of ceremony in temple









Monks are chatting and blessing









Giving money for merit









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