Case Studies Related to China

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a student speaks to his teacher in her office
This case study of a student who is blind and autistic shows the progress that can be made when a consistent program is created.  Effective training and education of children who are blind with...
Posted by Qu Guiping
Nana plays the piano at home with her parents.
  娜娜十二岁入校,不会表达自己的需要,只会像鹦鹉学舌一样机械模仿。不时地哭闹、晃头、哼哼、吃鼻涕、撕纸吃、甚至抠破脸吃渗出的血。无法与人交流沟通,拒绝参加各种活动。生活不能自理,一切需别人照顾。 Nana started her school life when she was 12 years old, she could not express her requires at that...
Posted by Qu Guiping