Pradip (India)

A young man uses sign language to tell his story.


Pradip tells his story in his own words in this powerpoint presentation about his transition from school to adulthood.

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The following is taken from Pradip's power point presentation, using his own words:

I am Pradip Sinha. I born deaf, could not hear but see happenings around me. I used to go to school for Deaf.  At 12 I lost my vision & my Schooling, Communication as well as Mobility stopped.  It changed my life.  My Schooling, Communication as well as Mobility stopped & nobody was there to help me.  And by grace of God my parents heard about HKIDB & again, I entered in the main stream. It was great turn in my life.  I learnt sign language, finger spelling, tactile signs, braille & after  few years vocational skills for which I used to get stipend.   Now I could communicate & move independently. I learnt massage therapy from NAB. I used to stay in our school’s hostel.  I thought now my life is settled.  

But I had been told that being adult, need to leave hostel.   And then with my deafblind friend Zamir I searched a flat away from city. Everyday we travelled 1 & half hour to reach our destination at peak hour.  Now the life is more tougher but it gave me more confidence.   This independent living taught me many more life skills. It is home, money & time management. 

Then I share a thought with Beroz Madam about computer training. And it changed my life differently. I learnt sophisticated ways of communication. Now I can chat, send e-mails. My language developed a lot. I could pass my SSC independently through computer without any help.  I received award in 2003 from Ability Foundation for work I am doing with young deafblind children.  Then I visited to UK, HKNC at New York, then I went at San Diego at AADB to attend the conference on development of different communication modes. 

Now other 3 deafblinds are appearing for HSC.   Formal education is giving us more knowledge.   My friend Zamir is now working with Sense Int. India as Advocacy Officer, travels throughout the country married with normal girl, have a year old baby & lives normal life.  Akhtar with whom I am sharing our flat now goes to shoe factory for intensive training so that he can start his own business in Pune.   My other friend Abbas is preparing himself for business.

Pradip's Story (Part 2)
Pradip discusses his involvement in the education of younger deafblind students and other thoughts on his future.  The text to Pradip's power point presentation is as follows:

In NAB I took training in hanger making & cane weaving. I learnt assembling typewriters in GODREJ company. I have also learnt massage therapy,   But now I am more into Education.  I enjoy teaching younger deafblind students.  I teach them language & communication, typewriting & Computer Training.   At the same time I am trying to acquire all sorts of information about various vocational openings for me. My dream is to be self reliant when I go back home.   At this stage it is difficult for me to say which skill will ultimately help me to be independent.


Pradip uses tactile sign with his language student.




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Case Study Update: Pradip goes to Vietnam as a Consultant
Pradip went to Vietnam in June this year as a consultant for Perkins International. He spoke at the University Faculty training on the first day and for the rest of the week, he worked with the teachers of our two major partner schools in Vietnam. Each school had just begun to identify deafblind children and they requested Pradip to teach them. He was truly excellent with the students and their families. His presence was such an inspiration for the families and a revelation for the teachers.  After each session, Pradip discussed with the teachers and answered their questions. Several months later, they are still talking about it.
Photo of Pradip helping young boy put hard hat on his headPhoto of Pradip helping young boy put on hatPhoto of Pradip helping young boy put hat on his head