Self-Advocacy and Educating the Public about Disability

Vidhya Rubani was born with Cerebral Palsy in the year 1972. She completed her Bachelor degree in Commerce in 1993.Becuase of her Cerebral Palsy, she has problem in mobility, communication and saliva control. In the year 2012 due to retinal problem she became visually impaired. In spite of her multi disabling condition she walks miles after miles, likes to meet various people to build relationships. 
VidhyaVidhya Rubani is a lady with lot of courage and positive attitude to face negativity from the society and community. Her awkward walking caused children to throw stones at her. Most of the people (unknown people in the bus, market, etc.) ill -treated her because her physical appearance was not appealing. The reason for this is she drags her legs to walk which makes her pants dirty and sandy. She strongly believes that this behavior of public is due to a lack of awareness about disabling conditions.
Her ambition is to create awareness among Public that differently able people have ability and creativity and to tell the public that this group of people need only one major requirement - that is, PROVIDE OPPORTUNITY.

Vidhya gives an awareness talk

She is presently working at Holy Cross Service Society as Public Relation Officer. She meets various leaders, lay persons, institution, etc. independently to talk about the needs of the disabled.Recently she organized a big cultural event of differently abled children at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) where our National topper students pursue Engineering courses. She did this to build positive attitude about disability to the future leaders.
Vidhya is known for organizing events. Her family believes she has leadership and organizing skills in her. In the year 2012 she organized a big family function called Ubanayanam, a religious ceremony in Brahmin community. Hundreds of people attended this function. She is the one who invitedpeople, fixed the event hall, negotiated with catering people, identified priest to conduct ceremony, etc. Her mother stated very proudly ‘this is a one women show-that is My special Vidhya.’ Her mother also added that Vidhya’s sibling is highly qualified and working as professor in renowned university. In spite of that, we depend on Vidhya to organize this function because she has very good public relationship.
Vidhya's mother helps her to prepare food
Vidhya is also doing business. She met bank officials and made arrangement for loan. With that money she started a homemade food production unit. She takes up orders and her mother produces and supplies the food. She employs 4 ladies in her food production unit.
Vidhya is a strong and energetic woman. She proves to people around her that she can do anything.  Vidhya gives full creditto her mother for her social relationship with people. She believes this is because at the young age her
mother gave more importance to communication and mobility training.
Employees actively prepare snacks
Self-advocacy collage


July 13, 2016:   Vidhya Rubani received a special award on World Women’s Day for best Public Relation personnel. Vidhya Rubani created awareness about the abilities of Differently Able Person in Thiruchirapalli District.

Vidhya receiving an award