Murtini: Assistant to Music Teacher

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Murti is making instant noodles.


This case study (Studi Kasus) from Indonesia tells about a young woman names Murtini, who is a student in Rawinala who will graduate soon. It includes a description of her background; history and general information about her program at school; and recommendations for how educators, members of the community, and other people should treat her.

In the photo on the left, Murtini prepares instant noodles.  She uses Murti washes the rice pot.a recipe with drawings to help her remember the sequence of steps.

In the photo in the right, she washes a pot used to prepare rice.  Twice a week she cooks rice for her dormitory.









Meni serves dinner to her guests


Relationship map (Peta Hubungan Murtini):  This map shows who the important people are in Murtini's life.

In the photo on the left, Murtini serves a dinner she has prepared for her teacher and housemother.







Murti is guiding one of her student to have proper beats on the drum.


Action plan (Peta Sejarah):  This consists of student mapping; history, preference and short/ long action plans. It also describes the student's hopes and fears.

In these photos Murtini works with one of her students who is learning to play the drums.

Murti works with one of her students on the drum.


Murti is discussing about lesson for her student with her supervisor at music class.


Murti's role and responsibilities (Tugas dan Tanggung Jawab Murti di Ruang Musik)Her supervisor helped her to develop her role and responsibilities.  At the moment she does on the job training as an assistant to the music teacher.

In this photo, Murti is discussing with her supervisor about a lesson for her student in the music class. She is responsible for guiding younger students who are learning to play the drum. Every Tuesday, she does on- the-job-training as an assistant to the music teacher in her school.




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