John's Transition Plan

Photo of John

John is a 24-year old young man from the Philippines who was born 7 months prematurely with Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP).  His program focuses on Daily Living Skills and Functional Academics, and he has difficulty reading and writing braille.  He is currently in a class that focuses on transition skills, where he is learning to plant, recycle bottles into decorative vases and craft items, making bracelets and necklaces out of beads.  He has been selling the products that he makes in a SPED Bazaar and his mother is hoping that he will be able to sell his products in their community in the near future.

John's history map


This history map illustrates the major events in John's life, from his birth in 1988 through his schooling to where he is now in his transition program.  It also includes his future dream of earning money.

To see his other maps (Relationship Map, Preferences Map, Dreams Hopes Fears Map, and Places Map) click here.

This case study includes a power point presentation, a transition action plan, and maps.

Read more about the story of John and his mother Marie in: Parents Come Together in the Philippines.








Transition Program Components


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